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The Cheaters Guide to Paelo

Photo By Anna Nease

When I turned 20, I became acutely aware that living off of pasta and beer was no longer an option. I became sluggish, my motivation to work out went out the window, and the weight began to pile on. I started fiercely working out, and while I got stronger, my appearance didn’t change. When I met my boyfriend, he was going to cross fit daily and he looked great, yet seemed to constantly be eating. He gingerly informed me that he was a paleo cheater.

For those of you who don’t know, paleo is a diet consisting only of meat, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. I won’t go into the science of why this diet works, but you can click here  for more information if you’re interested.

I would like to clarify here that I don’t believe in extreme diets, paleo included. I encourage people to use the paleo diet merely as base. It encourages you to plan out unrefined, well-rounded meals.

Here are the reasons why I stray from paleo: to denounce goat cheese (which has anti-cancer properties), yogurt rich with probiotics, or the cream that saves your stomach from the acidity of coffee is just outrageous to me. Diets encourage a lot of unhealthy behavior, such as avoiding food that is just plain good for you!

DO NOT JUMP ON THE BAND WAGON. It’s usually full of crazies.

*Also after a hard day, a glass of wine never hurts.*

Here is one of my favorite Cheater Paleo meals:

My Crockpot Shredded BBQ Chicken with Coleslaw:

the chicken:

-turn crock pot on high

-put three chicken breasts in the crockpot

-completely submerge the chicken in chicken stock, this will make your chicken tender.

cook for 6 hours

For the last 30 minuets add BBQ Sauce.

Again if you’re in a hurry: I use stubbs or salt lick bbq sauce.

if not, click here for  homemade BBQ sauce

The Cole Slaw:

-dice one red bell pepper into small cubes

-dice one yellow bell pepper into small cubes

-dice a who yellow onion into small cubes

-cut half of a green cabbage into long thin pieces

-cut half of a purple cabbage into long thin pieces

  • mix together in big bowl
  • salt and pepper to prefence

in a separate bowl:

-add half a cup of mayo

-half a cup of red wine vinegar

  • salt and pepper to preference
  • pour over veggies

****This also makes for a great sandwich if you eat bread. *****



I wonder if people become their names, or if many of us just get lucky. Anna is classic and simple, which is how I would sum up myself. The things that bring me the most happiness seem to be the most simple of pleasures; the company of my friends and family, cooking for my loved ones, a perfect cup of coffee, or watching my puppies play in the sunshine. To me simplicity is beautiful and the less complicated my life the better.

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