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Meme’s Biscuts and Gravey

Photo by Anna
Photo by Anna

Meme was a woman of many talents, but cooking was her absolute gift. Her kitchen was her sanctuary, and she guarded it with a wooden spoon. She had some serious reflexes, she could go from stirring to whooping your backside in .02 seconds. Our parents loved to send us in to help and Meme would send us right back out hollering and clutching our rears. In retrospect, they probably got a kick out of us piling over each other to avoid the spoon of death.

As an adult I understand her inclination to aggressively defend her domain. Having ten obnoxious children constantly fighting and bumping around next to hot cast iron is a recipe for disaster and an unwelcome distraction. In quieter moments, Meme would let us help/ get in the way. I was always in utter disbelief watching her maneuver around the kitchen- how she seamlessly watched her soaps, cleaned dishes, did endless loads of laundry, hand scrubbed our dirty shoes- all while cooking for her family, the newly widowed woman down the road, and the up coming church event. To others it was awe inspiring, to her, it was just what needed to be done.

I’d say my cooking style is heavily dictated by Meme. I never use measuring tools or set timers, if you were to ask her “how much salt” or “how long does this stay in the oven”  without fail she would always respond, “when there’s enough” and “until it’s done.” For someone as OCD as myself, that was a horrifying and yet strangely gratifying concept to grasp. So for you dear reader, I have saved you some heartache and measured out the recipe for my favorite dish.

golden biscuits



1 cup- all purpose flour

1 ½ of baking powder

½ + salt

heavy whipping cream =enough to make medium dry dough

sprinkle flour. knead  dough 5 to 6 times

roll out and fold over roll out again


450 degree oven- 8ish minutes

Smother them in gravy or jam for optimal results!



I wonder if people become their names, or if many of us just get lucky. Anna is classic and simple, which is how I would sum up myself. The things that bring me the most happiness seem to be the most simple of pleasures; the company of my friends and family, cooking for my loved ones, a perfect cup of coffee, or watching my puppies play in the sunshine. To me simplicity is beautiful and the less complicated my life the better.

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