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Ditch your Keurig!


I’m that obnoxious human who loves mornings. Up before the sun? No problem! Brunch- my favorite! Breakfast, is there really anything better? -To truly grasp the horror, read that last sentence in a high pitch voice while doing jumping jacks, that’s basically breakfast with me. So you can imagine why I am all up in arms about the Keurig. It represents everything I hate (laziness, mediocrity, ect.) while also ruining my favorite beverage.

Until recently I thought Starbucks was the worst thing to happen to coffee. I was wrong. The moldy, nasty, luke warm excuse for coffee that the Keurig produces takes the cake. If my overreaction to a bad cup of joe is any indication, I LOVE COFFEE…. and not just because I need it to be a functioning member of society, or that I’m obviously addicted to caffeine, I love it for the taste, the process, and the ritual.

10 reasons to ditch your Keurig!

  1. Taste- Be honest with yourself, it’s not very good.
  2. Wasteful- You throw away one of those little plastic containers every time you make ONE CUP of coffee.
  3. Aesthetics- They’re ugly as sin.
  4. Unhealthy- Bacteria and mold  Click Here
  5. Lazy- There really is nothing as gratifying as doing things for yourself.
  6. No Variety- Sure they have several coffee choices, but you aren’t going to find that amazing fresh gutamlen blend from the farmers market in Keurig form.
  7. Expensive: A new Keurig costs $120 and $15 for 24 cups of Folgers. – let me put that into perspective- my friend lives with three people, buys the big Folgers for 7$ and it lasts them a month.
  8. Unpractical-  If you want to make coffee for more than one person.
  9. Not space effective – make room on the counter, and find another plug!
  10.  No power, no coffee – With a gas range and a French press – no worries.

So now that I’ve convinced you that your Keurig is trying to ruin your life, here’s a cheap, aesthetically pleasing, delicious alternative: Get a French press!

Why? Glad you asked!

  1. Taste – Makes a rich, robust cup of coffee.
  2.  No waste- Grounds can be used to enrich gardens and flower beds.
  3.  Variety – Options are endless.
  4.  Highly Aesthetic- Beautiful European design.
  5.  Food safe – Easy to clean.
  6.  Ritual – Engaging and aromatic start to your day.
  7.  Low cost – Available everywhere and affordable.  $12-20.
  8.  Practical – Makes as much or as little as you need.
  9.  Compact – Nests nicely with your coffee mugs.
  10.  There when you need it – If you can boil water you can have a rich and delicious hot cup of coffee.


I wonder if people become their names, or if many of us just get lucky. Anna is classic and simple, which is how I would sum up myself. The things that bring me the most happiness seem to be the most simple of pleasures; the company of my friends and family, cooking for my loved ones, a perfect cup of coffee, or watching my puppies play in the sunshine. To me simplicity is beautiful and the less complicated my life the better.

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