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Home for the Holidays

Photo by Anna

I love the holidays. Maybe that’s because I’ve never been solely responsible for hosting Thanksgiving, or the fact that my family is in this wonderful period where everyone is older then 22. The fact that we are all un-married adults makes Thanksgiving and Christmas a blissfully low key event in my house. They mostly consist of over-indulgence; sleeping in, staying in flannel PJs all day, drinking too much bubbly, and eating whatever we damn well please.

As my siblings and I are all on the verge of holidays including spouses, in-laws, and screaming babies ( I shudder) we have to make the most of our last peaceful holidays. As always I am in charge of the bar- So with Thanksgiving one week away,  I am in full recipe re-search mode, for you Dear Reader, I will share the fruits of my labors.


Drinks, Drinks, and more Drinks

What’s Thanksgiving without a little Persecco, and Vodka? Okay, they may not be staple items on your pre-holiday grocery list, but they should be. Got a pesky mother in-law? Can’t stand your uncle Jim? Parents wondering when you’re getting a real job? Ply them with this sneak attack of a beverage and suggest a game of Gen rummy.

Ruby Red Delight

 -One shot of Ruby Red Vodka (if your not from Texas you probably don’t know about Deep eddy- it’s the best. Do your self a favor and GET A BOTTLE

-half a shot of Contours

-shake over Ice

-top with Prosseco

There’s always one person in the family with a major sweet tooth. What a better time to indulge them, and yourself with an alcoholic cream sickle.

Cream sickle

-one shot whip cream vodka ( I use Pinnacle, but there are a ton of different brands)

-one freshly squeezed orange

-Shake over ice

-Top with home made whip cream

For the traditionalist- whisky always works. Blow them away with a REAL Old fashion- yes the one with the egg white on top. I know it sounds gross but it adds a sweet creamy flavor that makes the whisky slide down in sweet perfection.

Real Old Fashion

  •  2 oz Whiskey (Jack Daniels, Bullet, Jameson…. depends on your crowd)
  • 1 oz fresh lemon juice
  • ½–¾ oz simple syrup
  • 1 Tbsp egg white


If you are planning on being the bartender for your Thanksgiving You will need to know a few terms

Neat (followed by whatever liquor)- Straight alcohol

Two Fingers- refers to the amount of alcohol it takes to fill a glass to the level of two fingers wrapped around the bottom.

On the rocks- Over ice




I wonder if people become their names, or if many of us just get lucky. Anna is classic and simple, which is how I would sum up myself. The things that bring me the most happiness seem to be the most simple of pleasures; the company of my friends and family, cooking for my loved ones, a perfect cup of coffee, or watching my puppies play in the sunshine. To me simplicity is beautiful and the less complicated my life the better.

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